10 Tips for Quicker & Easier Exterior House Painting

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

As we’ve said before - preparation is key for any good paint job. To ensure you have a good foundation to paint onto, the first thing we recommend you do is power hose the whole house the day before you plan to paint. (View our range of power washers here) This will remove any dirt, grime, and any flaky paint. This will also give the walls a day to dry before painting. If you don’t have a pressure washer then use a stiff bristled brush (like this one) and a bucket of water. 

Preparation is important, yes, but to do prep on each and every wall, door frame, window and window sill with precision can take a huge amount of time which can completely kill your enthusiasm for the job. We recommend doing only the amount of prep required to know that you can do the job well and no more. This will leave you with enough time and energy to actually do the painting!

You don’t want to run back and forward to the shop in the middle of the job, so make sure you have the right tools at the outset. From the brushes to the buckets, trays, rollers, protective glasses etc AND making sure you have the correct amount of paint before you start. Speak to our experts or the experts at your local paint shop for advice on what you’ll need. 

At the bare minimum you will need:
Ladder like this one
Paint brush like this one
Paint roller like this one
Old paint clothes or special painting clothes like these

To paint your house a lighter colour than it is currently will add a lot of time onto the job. This is because the old, darker colour will shine through in areas where the new paint has been applied thinly, and you will likely need to apply two coats or more. If you paint the same colour then the new and old will simply blend together. Painting a darker colour increases the chances of only needing to apply one coat. 

You will need to choose a specific type of paint - masonry paint. We recommend the industry leader Sandtex. Sandtex comes in both white and magnolia, but should you want to paint your house a light or pale colour then we recommend mixing Sandtex White Masonry paint with a colour dye - we can do this for you in store. Should you wish to paint a darker colour then we recommend Crown Weathercoat which can be mixed to any colour. We can mix this paint to any colour for you in store, however this is a more expensive option than using Sandtex. 

If you’re unsure of which paint to choose, which tools you need or how to go about the job then come and speak to our experts in store, or in your local paint store - that’s what we’re here for!
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To do the most fastidious and thorough job then you would prime the whole house with a masonry specific primer like this one. This will produce the best results and keep your walls in good condition for the longest. However this does add a large amount of time onto the job, so for a quick and easy solution we recommend only priming your whole house if the walls are in particularly poor condition. If the condition is generally good then save time by priming only problem areas. 

The label on the paint you buy will provide a wealth of useful information such as drying times, time to wait until applying a second coat, ideal temperatures and instructions for application - read it!

Painting in direct sunlight or onto a wall that is hot from the sun will make fresh paint dry too quickly. This can result in poor adhesion, leading to blistering or flaking prematurely. We recommend painting onto a shaded wall of the house, then later in the day when the sun has moved simply start painting in the new shaded area. Alternatively just do your painting on an overcast day.

To avoid leaning against freshly painted areas and to make it easier to see your progress we recommend you start painting from the top of the wall and painting your way down. Similarly, if you’re right handed then start painting on the right hand side of the wall and work your way to the left to avoid working across freshly painting areas. 

That’s it! Use these 10 top tips to give your house a fresh lick of paint in no time!

At Kellys we have a huge paint shop and expert staff who know how to advise you on any paint job big or small. Call in store for a chat, give us a call on 028 4177 3674, or visit our website at www.kellys-diy.com. 

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