5 Top Tips for A Cosier Living Room

Tuesday 11th February 2020

With wind and rain battering the windows in the dark evenings, having a cosy space to come home to is a must. Making a room cosier can be not only easy but also inexpensive with our top tips shown below!

1) Keep the heat in!
You're not going to feel cosy in a cold room. That being the case, make sure to keep the heat in as much as possible! Use heavy curtains that retain heat, use draught excluding products (like our range of Exitex products, now 20% OFF during February 2020) for underneath the doors and around the windows, use a chimney balloon for preventing heat escaping up the chimney, and try fixing some thick foil behind your radiators to reflect the heat into the room. See our recent blog post on our top tips for keeping your home warm here - https://www.kellys-diy.com/blog/7-DIY-Hacks-for-a-Warmer-Home.html

2) Use warm or bold colours.
Using rich and deep colours is a great way to create an impression of warmth. Combining navy and charcoal is a great combination, especially when used with contrasting colours in the furniture like mustard yellow. Kellys have 20% OFF Crown Matt & Mid-Sheen Mixed Paint during February 2020 - could this be the perfect time to redecorate? Having said that, don’t feel that you have to re-paint the whole room to get this effect - simply by adding some warm coloured cushions or throws in soft green, cream, or rich red can create a lovely cosy ambience.

3) Candles, candles and more candles!
A tried and true method - candles are one of the most effective ways to create a feeling of warmth and cosiness in any room. Not only are they effective but they’re low cost, and can also introduce delicious cosy scents into the room AND provide some extra heat. Don’t scrimp - invest in lots of candles so that you never run out! Diffusers, oils and other lovely smelly things can also add a delightful touch. See our range of candles, oils & diffusers here - https://www.kellys-diy.com/yankee-candles/c-177.html

4) Warm Lighting
Lighting is without a doubt the number one factor in whether or not a room is cosy, and can at times be difficult to get right. Pay close attention to the warmth of the light bulbs you’re using - some will give off a more blue light, and some a warmer yellow. Opt for the warm yellow bulbs where possible. Table lamps are ideal for creating cosiness - softly lighting one area of the room at a time. Reading lamps are also ideal for this, and uplighters are very effective too, especially those with dimmable lighting. Try lighting just two of the corners in the room with soft lighting, with plenty of candles lit in the centre of the room. Lighting is a matter of trial and error - so experiment with different types of lamps, lights and bulbs until you get it right.

5) Layers and textures
Using fabrics and textures that feel cosy as well as look great will do wonders for creating warmth in a room. Use faux furs, chunky knit fabrics, wools and silks for the ultimate effect. Cushions, throws and rugs in soft fabrics will add that warm, tactile cosiness to your room, and visually will create depth which also adds to the cosiness. Kellys have lots of lush fabrics in our homeware department, ideal for cosying up your living space - make sure to to call in to see what we have available!

These are just a few ways to make your living space a little cosier, but experimentation is key! Don’t be afraid to be bold and try new things until you get it right.

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