7 DIY Hacks for a Warmer Home

Wednesday 29th January 2020

We all know the usual recommendations for getting the most from your home heating oil. Advice like servicing your boiler, installing a thermostat, properly insulated your walls and ceilings, and installing double glazed windows are all good recommendations, but can also be expensive options!

For those who want to save money on their heating bill and stop heat escaping your home without breaking the bank, have a read of our 7 best hacks for a warmer home! 

1) Leave the oven door open when you’re finished cooking
(Not appropriate for when kids or animals are around) 
This is one we use all the time! The oven produces a lot of heat, and keeping the oven door closed after cooking traps all that useful heat inside! Unless you need to keep the oven warm for some reason then open it up after cooking and let all that heat out into your kitchen. Better still, leave the kitchen door open as well to let the heat disperse throughout the house.

2) Leave the bath water in the bath
(Not appropriate for when kids or animals are around)
Not many people use this one, but it’s a corker! When finished your bath, most people just pull the plug straight away and let all the warm water fly down the drain, but actually, leaving the warm bath water in the bath until it reaches room temperature allows the residual heat from the water to disperse into the air. Leave the bathroom door open at the same time and that heat will disperse through the house. 

Another great idea is to plug the drain when having a shower. This way the hot water will collect in the bottom and, if left there until it reaches room temperature, will disperse it’s heat into the air. 

3) Fix thick tinfoil behind the radiators on outside walls
This is an excellent way to prevent heat from dispersing through the outside walls. You can buy aluminium foil designed specifically for this purpose  or for a cheaper alternatively you can just use thick kitchen tin foil which will do nearly as good a job. This method works by reflecting the heat back into the room, rather than letting it seep through the the walls as soon as it comes off the radiator.

4) Use the correct curtains!
Thick curtains protect against heat loss better than thin curtains do. Having said that, if you don’t want to splash out on thicker curtains, you can always add thermal lining, cheaper fleece material, or even cheap shower curtains behind your regular curtains. This way there will be extra layers to prevent against heat loss, and no-one will even be able to see them because they’ll be tucked in behind your regular curtains! Genius eh? What’s more - it’s not just windows that can benefit from curtains, but a well placed curtain at your front and back doors can prevent heat escaping too.

5) Use your curtains correctly!
This might seem like an obvious one, but not everyone understands the correct way to use their curtains for maximum heat collection and retention. It’s as simple as this - when the sun is hitting your window then leave the curtains open and the room will collect heat from the sun. When the sun isn’t hitting the window, or when it’s dark outside, the room will be losing heat through the glass, so close the curtains! Opening and closing the curtains at the correct times in the time can really have a transformative effect on the temperature of your home.

6) Use a chimney balloon
Lots of houses these days have fireplaces which are merely decorative. If you have a fireplace but don’t use it much then make sure to use a specially designed “Chimney Balloon” which prevents warm air from escaping up your chimney. Made from special laminate, these chimney balloons can be bought for under £30, and are inflated just out of site inside your chimney. Just make sure to remember to take it out again before lighting the fire!

7) Get rid of under-door drafts
It’s surprising how much heat can escape from the tiny gap underneath the door. Some of you may know of the “sausage dog” style draft excluders which are still widely used today - just rest them against the gap at the bottom of the door to prevent airflow. That being said, even a rolled up towel will do the job if you’re in a hurry! For a more permanent fixture check out our fantastic range of Exitex products (With 20% off during February 2020), which are products that can be fitted directly to the door to prevent airflow. Call us on the phone or call in store to find out more.