Top 5 most common questions on getting the perfect cut.

Cutting your lawn every other week is a summer ritual some love and some hate, but everyone can agree they love having their garden looking flawless. Here are the Top 5 Most Common Questions that we are asked about how to cut your grass correctly. 

The best time to cut your grass would be while your grass is dry. This makes it easier for the blade to cut, prevents the grass clotting together which can lead to mower issues and it saves a lot of hassle when you have to collect the cut grass after. Avoid mowing during high heat periods of the day to prevent heat stress on you or your garden.

It’s a common rule of thumb to only cut 1/3rd of the length with each cut. As there are various types of grass that grow at different speeds and can be healthiest at different lengths it is best to find out which type of grass you have (you may have more than one) and cut to its preferred length. If you’re unable to identify the type of grass you have, a general optimal height would be 2 ½ inches. 

There are many reasons for an old mower to not cut as well as it did before, the most common issue would be due to dulling of your blades. Safely assess the quality of the blades, if dulled or damaged we would recommend replacing them or sharpening them.

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Lawn feed.
Using feed gives the necessary nutrients to your lawn to grow healthier and greener. It’s best to test your soils pH levels every other year to know what nutrients your lawn needs.

Use fertiliser on your lawn in Autumn and late Spring. These times are the best for your lawn as soil in Autumn will absorb the nutrients and store them for the winter. This is very important to ensure your lawn stays healthy through the harsh, colder months. Fertilising in late Spring gives your lawn the nutritions it will need while growing through the warmer months.

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