A Lazy Gardener’s Guide to Weeding

Thursday 8th August 2019

Every gardener’s arch nemesis: the common garden weed. Weeding is a process that can be satisfying at first, but quickly becomes a tedious task which gardeners often resent. Use our techniques below to to control and prevent weed growth. 

Stop them before they start
The best way to rid your garden of weeds is to prevent them growing before that can even start. One good way to do this is to ensure that any time you dig or disturb existing soil, always cover it with another 1 inch layer of fresh soil.

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Pull them all at once
If you’ve found a carpet of small, young weeds, just pull them out all at once! The way to do this is to wait until the soil is quite dry and scrape away the top 1/2 inch layer of soil. Removing this layer of soil damages the young weeds’ roots, and most of the time they won’t grow back! Once finished, water the soil to avoid damaging any of the surrounding plants. 

Mulch it up
Using mulch is a great way to help you fight weeds. Keeping the soil moist and cool, mulch promotes healthy plant growth whilst preventing the weeds from receiving the sunlight they need to grow. Using landscape fabric with approximately 2 inches of mulch on top will allow water and nutrients through to the soil whilst helping to keep the weeds at bay. 

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Use fertiliser
Weeds are natures way of repairing itself - that’s why they tend to appear in dry or damaged ground. Generally speaking, the healthier your soil is and the more nutrient rich, the less likely weeds are to grow. Treating your soil with fertiliser is a sure fire way to keep it healthy, reducing the likelihood of weeds growing. 

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Weed Killer
If time is of the essence and you need to get rid of your weeds quickly then weed killer is the without a doubt the fasted method. Some prefer not to use any chemicals in their garden, but there’s no getting around how well weed killers work. As with all chemical products, make sure to read the instructions and warnings carefully before application and research which weed killer is right for your garden before purchasing.

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