Landmann 12" T-Brush

Code: 240700

The Landmann range of barbecue accessories provides proven design with superb function and versatility. 

They feature durable materials in their manufacture to ensure you always get the best results from your Barbecue, regardless of the age, make or model of Grill, Gas or Charcoal.
The ergonomic design of the cleaning brush allows you to keep hold with a firm grip while cleaning burnt on food debris from your barbecue prior to use.
The brush body is made from twisted steel and has been engineered for the trials of outdoor use. 
Each brush features a handy Hanging Strap for use on your barbecues tool rack.
Hardwearing Brass Bristles take care of your cooking grates while removing burnt on food. Landmann recommend that you pre heat your Barbecue for around ten minutes before you start cooking. This will help the brush remove stubborn food particles and ensure your grill is ready for the next cooking session.
Landmann barbecues are able to cook many different types of food. They cope well with the basics such as sausages and burgers but are equally at home cooking more adventurous foods such as fish, seafood or even grilled fruit.

  • Ergonomic Plastic Handle
  • 30cm Brush Length
  • Brass Bristle Cleaning Head
  • Steel Construction
  • Hanging Strap