Titan 150kg Coal Bunker

Code: WP3BCB

Titan 6 Bag Coal Bunker - Based on 6 x 25KG Bags

Looking for a place to store your coal? Then you need a reliable coal bunker with plenty of space. This Titan 150kg Coal Bunker is a fine pick for anyone who wants to ensure that their coal does not need to become an eyesore or an issue in terms of lying around. Keep your coal ready to be used without a single piece wasted thanks to a coal bunker that can fit as much as 150kg.

However, this coal bunker is not only for coal; it could be used for wood, slack, and peat briquettes as well. this makes it the ideal choice for storing the kind of items that you might need to use with any fireplace. This bunker has been designed to ensure that it’s free from rust, rot, and decay. It’s also designed from a UV-resistant polyethylene, making sure that you have a medium-density coal bunker that never loses its solidity, durability, and consistency.

It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use and could be great to have as a coal storage point at home, or in the workplace. the high impact strength keeps this strong, robust, and more than capable of handling the challenges of the day. If you store this outdoors, the durable material ensures that it will never begin to decay – leaving you with a coal bunker that stays in good condition far longer than coal itself.

Available in a solid black, too, this can easily be blended in and hidden with other items for a low profile storage point. Great for use at home, in the workplace, or on an industrial site.

  • Solid 85 x 60 x 77cm coal bunker, capable of fitting 6x 25kg coal bags.
  • High impact, strong, and resistant coal bunker made to last long-term.
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use, with rot-proof and rust-proof material used.
  • Made from UV-resistant polyethylene to keep the material in top condition.
  • Easy opening at both top and bottom for the simplest access to your supplies.
  • Suitable for everything from coal and slack to wood and peat briquettes.

There is a £25 delivery charge for coal bunkers to UK and Ireland which will be applied at checkout

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