About Us

Company History

The beginning

The Kelly Brothers company was founded in 1967 by Raymond and Michael Kelly as a painting contracting firm. Both Raymond and Michael had served their time as painters so this was a logical first step for them.

A new direction

A couple of years later three of their brothers, Edmond Noel and Leonard, joined the firm after the five brothers had got together and decided to turn Kelly Brothers into a building contractor firm. Between them they had an excellent spread of trades and skills. Raymond and Michael were painters, Edmond was an electrician, Noel was a plasterer and Leonard a bricklayer. With sound basic knowledge in the trades and having worked on building sites from early ages the brothers were able to put in place the groundwork for a successful contracting firm.

The brothers started out by building one off private dwellings in their local area and soon developed a name for quality and speed that remains to this day.

An opportunity

In the early 1970's there was a major shortage of public housing throughout Northern Ireland. The local councils introduced initiatives to increase housing availability within their boroughs. This meant hundreds of new houses being built within each councils domain. Kelly Brothers saw an excellent opportunity to get involved and expand their business. They began to quote for public sector contracts as well as the private sector. It wasn't long before Kelly Brothers had picked up a number of jobs and the emphasis of the business changed from small private developments to large public developments.

As time went by the Public Housing Initiative was centralised and taken over by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (N.I.H.E.). Kelly Brothers have been building for the N.I.H.E. since it's inception and strong links remain to this day.

Rapid expansion

With Kelly Brothers now building on a much larger scale (up to 100+ new build houses in any one development) the workforce had to expand rapidly and immensely. From the five brothers and a few employees on site Kelly Brothers now employ up to 200 people today.

Mr. Philip Dodd, who was employed as an Estimator in December 1969, represents a milestone in Kelly Brothers history, enabling them to provide accurate and competitive estimates for work. Mrs. Kathleen McCoy was employed in April 1975 as an Office Manager and helped keep the company's financial affairs in order. Both Philip and Kathleen still work for the company today and are a testament to the successful and friendly working relationship Kelly Brothers have with their staff.

New markets

During their expansion Kelly Brothers began to see a need in the market due to the fact they often had to hire equipment, and saw many other builders doing the same. They opened Point Hire in 1990 in order to provide a plant and equipment hire service to both the trade and the public. This business has gone from strength to strength, and in 1996 moved to new, larger, purpose built premises in Milltown East industrial estate.

Having listened to customers enquiries Kelly Brothers realised that there was a local requirement for more than just building equipment. People were also looking for building supplies they could source locally and reliably. This led to Kelly Brothers opening Point Building Supplies in 1998. This business has grown over the years into an international building supplies company.

Future Plans

Kelly Brothers intend to carry on providing excellent service and value for money in both the public and private sectors. We intend to continue achieving the highest possible standards of quality on all our developments both public and private, and remain focused on our highest aim, customer satisfaction.